Women who experience adverse pregnancy outcomes have higher stroke risk

May 23, 2023

Key findings include:17.9% had at least one pregnancy with an adverse pregnancy outcome, and 2.9% of women experienced an adverse pregnancy outcome with two or more pregnancies. Women with adverse pregnancy outcomes had more medical comorbidities, including obesity, hypertension, heart disease and migraine. Of women in this study who had a stroke, the stroke occurred at an earlier age-;52.6 years on average-;in women who experienced two or more adverse pregnancy outcomes, compared with 54.8 years in women with one adverse pregnancy outcome, and 58.3 years in women who had uncomplicated pregnancies. "Most notably, women with recurrent adverse pregnancy outcomes had more than twice the stroke risk before age 45," said Bello. "We also need future research to consider the impact of adding an adverse pregnancy outcome into stroke risk calculators.

The source of this news is from Medical News