World Cup 2026 fans told 'don't travel to USA' over mass shootings and 'killing sprees'

May 19, 2023

Get the best travel tips, advice and holiday dealsSome nations hoping to participate in the 2026 FIFA World Cup have issued a stark warning to fans over travel to America due to lax gun laws and the threat of “killing sprees”. Already this year, there have been a staggering 226 mass shootings in 138 days, according to the Gun Violence Archive. READ NEXT: 11 players who won World Cup and Champs League in same season as Inter star closes inThe US, Canada and Mexico are set to host the football World Cup in 2026, which will see 48 teams play 104 matches. "Incidences of mass shootings occur, resulting most often in casualties. Although tourists are rarely involved, there is a risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.