‘Yellowstone’s’ Most Compelling Drama Is Behind the Scenes

February 25, 2023

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Paramount+You don’t need to be up to date on Yellowstone to understand the high-stakes drama surrounding the show’s upcoming sixth season. Paramount Network is facing a crisis surrounding its, well, paramount show, which stars Kevin Costner in a role he’s reportedly eager to exit. To make matters worse, Costner has allegedly fled from the set several times, before he’s finished shooting his scenes for blocks of the second batch of Season 5 episodes. Buried in heaps of work at Paramount+, Sheridan reportedly struggled to deliver Yellowstone scripts on time while shooting Season 5, Puck reports. Wes Bentley is probably the second biggest name in Yellowstone, so without Costner, it would take a massive hit.