Youngkin resumes out-of-state travel amid mixed signals on 2024 plans

March 04, 2023

Glenn Youngkin (R) traveled to New York on Wednesday to meet with major GOP donors, making the first of several planned out-of-state political trips amid mixed signals about the Republican’s White House ambitions. “There’s simply no room for a third or fourth, or even fifth person in this race,” Roe said. Roe’s remarks were a stunner given that he is Youngkin’s chief political consultant, a relationship that went unmentioned on Fox. Kristin Davison, an Axiom strategist who typically joins Youngkin for out-of-state political travel, said she did not accompany him to New York because the governor had official business there. Youngkin traveled extensively on behalf of fellow Republicans seeking the governorship in other states ahead of November’s midterm elections.