Zoom asks employees to return to office for first time since COVID-19 pandemic

August 06, 2023

Zoom has told its employees to return to the office for the first time since the video communications tool saw a boom during the remote work revolution of the coronavirus pandemic. The tech company is now requesting all employees within 50 miles of a company office to return for in-person work at least two days a week on a hybrid schedule. ZOOM ABRUPTLY FIRES ITS PRESIDENT, GREG TOMB, AFTER JUST 10 MONTHSZoom's shares skyrocketed in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of employees and students to work online from their homes. "We'll continue to leverage the entire Zoom platform to keep our employees and dispersed teams connected and working efficiently," the spokesperson said. Despite the availability of several other video conferencing tools, including Skype and Microsoft Teams, Zoom quickly emerged as the go-to video conferencing service.