Cognitive function therapy significantly improves chronic low back pain at a considerably lower societal cost

May 06, 2023

Study: Cognitive functional therapy with or without movement sensor biofeedback versus usual care for chronic, disabling low back pain (RESTORE): a randomised, controlled, three-arm, parallel group, phase 3, clinical trial. Image Credit: TBstudio/Shutterstock.comBackgroundAbout 20% to 30% of the individuals who develop low back pain often experience chronic pain for over three months, resulting in significant disability. The secondary clinical outcomes were similar for both the CFT treatment groups, indicating that movement sensor biofeedback did not provide any apparent benefits. ConclusionsThe findings suggested that CFT brought about substantially larger and longer-lasting improvements in patients with chronic low back pain. However, no significant differences were found when movement sensor biofeedback was coupled with CFT.

The source of this news is from Medical News