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Donald Trump to 'greenlight' Putin's destruction of Ukraine as Russia eyes rest of Europe

Donald Trump says he will sit down with Vladimir Putin to end the Ukraine warA second Donald Trump presidency poses a risk to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, according to a former director of the CIA. Recalling a meeting with the Republican during his last term, Brennan said he felt Trump "wasn't quailfied then and isn't qualified now." Prominent...

Tech and Chiropractic

Apr 5, 2024

The topic of tech pops up now and again in this blog, but it’s been a while since we’ve written specifically about how various technologies have pushed the chiropractic field forward. TelehealthPartially fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic, the availability of...

EA, Take-Two boost sales view as gaming boom going strong

Sep 29, 2022

California-based EA's shares shot up nearly 3% in extended trading as it also reported an over twofold jump in quarterly adjusted sales, beating expectations thanks to a clutch of strong titles including "Apex Legends" and "Madden NFL 22". Take-Two raised...

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Donald Trump to 'greenlight' Putin's destruction of Ukraine as Russia eyes rest of Europe

4 days ago


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Israel protests spark chaos in Tel Aviv as thousands call for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign

6 days ago


Could Israel’s strike on Iranian embassy be the tipping point into wider regional conflict?

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UN chief 'deeply troubled' by reports Israel using AI to identify Gaza targets

1 week ago


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