Supporting the curriculum development at AECC University College

April 23, 2023

This week, BCA President and Vice President, Catherine Quinn and Tim Button were invited to AECC University College to take part in their curriculum development day, focussed on the Chiropractic programmes. This day was aimed at providing feedback to the AECC academic staff on what the profession is expecting from their new graduates, and which core competencies and capabilities define a chiropractor. There was discussion around what makes a chiropractor different to another healthcare profession, and what our ‘superpower’ is. Based on member feedback throughout our repositioning project, Catherine and Tim highlighted the BCA membership’s desire to celebrate hands-on, face-to-face care, delivered in a way which is personalised to the individual. Thank you to our AECC colleagues for engaging with the profession at such an early stage of your curriculum development and being open to gathering information on how the profession is developing and truly functioning in practice.

The source of this news is from British Chiropractic Association