A new role for spinal manual therapy and for chiropractic? Part I: weaknesses and threats - Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

March 27, 2024

Spinal manual therapy and the chiropractic professionFrom the outset in 1895, the chiropractic profession has been inextricably linked to the practice of spinal manual therapy (SMT), or spinal adjusting as it is also known in chiropractic nomenclature. No doubt, this has historically helped the chiropractic profession stand out, but it has also caused it to stand apart. As an old and well-established healthcare profession, chiropractors obviously hope that the profession is seen as standing proud and strong. For instance, the founder of the chiropractic profession, Daniel David Palmer, is quoted as saying: “Life is the expression of tone. Internal conflicts are glazed over and left to festerThe chiropractic profession has been conflicted about its identity and role from early on.

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