Arizona: A Case Study in Monopolies & Ethics in Chiropractic Regulation

March 04, 2024

The events occurring now in Arizona serve as a case study of the results of this phenomenon. As the current Chairman of the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners and an examiner for the NBCE, Bennett's influence extends to the regulation, licensing, and ethical standards within the field. His dual role as the Arizona delegate to both the FCLB and the NBCE places him at the nexus of chiropractic licensing and regulation. Such a scenario raises questions about the integrity of chiropractic regulation and the ability of practitioners to operate within a diverse and open professional landscape. Moving Forward: Scrutiny and ReformAs the chiropractic profession grapples with these issues, the call for increased scrutiny and reform grows louder.

The source of this news is from Chronicle of Chiropractic