Assessing adverse events associated with chiropractic care in preschool pediatric population: a feasibility study - Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

March 14, 2024

Study designThe study design is an observational and pragmatic prospective cohort study including both a descriptive and analytical portion. There was information on flyers and posters at the private clinics of participating clinicians to inform the legal guardian. Immediate post-treatment questionnaire completed by the legal guardianOnce the clinician completed the immediate post-treatment questionnaire, they handed the electronic tablet to the legal guardian for completing their immediate post-treatment questionnaire. Follow-up questionnaireA follow-up questionnaire was sent to the email address provided by the legal guardian 48 h following the appointment. AEs analysisAEs analysis included participants who had an immediate post-treatment questionnaire and/or the follow-up questionnaire completed.

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