Biblical site where Jesus healed blind man excavated for public view: 'Affirms Scripture'

January 02, 2023

"It was at this site that Jesus healed the blind man (John:9), and it is at this site that, 2,000 years ago, Jewish pilgrims cleansed themselves prior to entering the Second Temple. The vast majority of the pool is being excavated and will either be opened piecemeal or once the entire site is unearthed. According to estimates, the Pool of Siloam passed through many stages of construction and reached the size of 1¼ acres. Theologically, it affirms Scripture, geographically it affirms history and politically it affirms Israel’s unquestionable and unrivaled link to Jerusalem. Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion, said, "The Pool of Siloam in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem is a site of historic, national and international significance.