US parades 12 nuclear stealth bombers & vows jets are ‘ready to strike anywhere, any time’ amid Middle East tensions

April 20, 2024

THE US gathered almost its entire fleet of nuclear stealth bombers in a massive show of force as the Middle East teeters on a knife edge. The B-2 Spirits - saved only for the "most important missions" - are "ready to execute a global strike anytime, anywhere," the US Air Force warned. The aircraft, assigned to the 509th Bomb Wing, were seen on the runway at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri on Monday. The US Air Force said: "The routine training ensures that Airmen are always ready to execute global strike operations… anytime, anywhere." IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari warned after Iran's missile attack: “We cannot stand still from this kind of aggression, Iran will not get [off] scot-free with this aggression.