Fla. traffic sign about upcoming 5K hacked to say ‘Kill All Gays’

May 19, 2023

Before dawn broke Wednesday, drivers on a palm tree-lined street in an Orlando suburb noticed something was wrong with a traffic sign. In bright orange letters, it read: “KILL ALL GAYS.”The variable message board had been welcoming visitors to Lake Nona for an upcoming 5K race, said Ashley Papagni, a spokesperson for the city of Orlando. Florida has also gained national attention for other pieces of legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community. Also on Wednesday, about 50 people in congregated at Pulse nightclub — a place that was once a haven for Orlando’s LGBTQ+ community, and now a remnant of the carnage in 2016. The “KILL ALL GAYS” message became yet another example of hate, she said.