“He Got More ‘F*ck You’ as Time Went on’: 'George Michael: Outed' Director on That 1998 Scandal

March 08, 2023

Back in April 1998, there was only one story dominating the newspapers: George Michael had been arrested in a public toilet in LA for performing “a lewd act” on another man, the specifics of which barely needed explaining. Director Michael Ogden is now re-examining this shameful time in British history and using Michael’s famous outing as the focus in a two-part Channel 4 documentary called George Michael: Outed. As he states in an old interview unearthed for the documentary: “I hope to be remembered as a gay man who would not be apologetic for his sexuality”. What did you think of how George Michael tackled the fallout from the arrest? George Michael: Outed starts on Channel 4 on Monday 6 March at 9pm, with the second part airing at the same time on Tuesday 7 March.