Hells Angels battled Pagans in 50-man brawl that left daggers sticking out of victims

May 13, 2023

Last year the Hells Angels took on rival biker gang the Pagans in a 50-man street brawl resulting in members being stabbed and bludgeoned. As the Pagans began encroaching on the Hells Angels territory, the bikers employed a “green light” to “attack on sight” policy. READ MORE: Rise of 5ft 4in Hells Angels biker with half a nose who created 'world's toughest gang'The vicious biker groups allegedly can’t stand one another. But if a rival was spotted on their land, the Hells Angels gave the aforementioned “green light” to “attack on sight” policy, information the FBI seized from the gang’s meeting. All the Pagans victims were taken to hospital, while the Angels retreated to the Cape Cod clubhouse.