Horrible dating experiences leave 44% of single adults doubting they’ll ever meet ‘the one’

April 02, 2023

LONDON — More than half of single adults feel empowered to call out bad dating behavior, as they find it frustrating and exhausting. Being ghosted without explanation (43%), getting stood up on a date (40%) and receiving unsolicited nude pictures (40%) are some of the main irks of those polled. Nearly half (49%) point to ‘knowing their self-worth’ as the reason they are comfortable calling out undesirable dating behaviors. But 69 percent would like to see dating apps continue to do more to encourage positive behaviors with 72 percent of women sharing this sentiment. “Providing a welcoming dating destination for singles is of the utmost importance to us,” says resident dating expert for the dating app, Shannon Smith.

The source of this news is from https://studyfinds.org/horrible-dating-experiences/