Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Address Draws 32.2 Million Viewers, Up 18% Over Last Year

March 09, 2024

President Joe Biden delivers the annual State of the Union address on March 7UPDATED, 2:29 PM: Final Nielsen numbers show that Joe Biden‘s State of the Union address drew 32.3 million viewers, an 18% increase from last year. According to the updated figures, Fox News topped all networks with 5.84 million, followed by MSNBC with 4.43 million and CNN at 2.63 million. ABC News topped broadcast networks with 5.24 million, followed by NBC News with 4.47 million and CBS News at 4.09 million. Fox News topped all the networks, drawing 5.64 million, followed by ABC News with 5.02 million, NBC News with 4.33 million, MSNBC with 4.2 million, CBS News with 3.94 million, CNN with 2.51 million, Fox with 1.71 million, Fox Business with 240,000 and CNBC with 112,000. Biden’s first speech as president to a joint session of Congress drew 26.9 million viewers in 2021.