Loneliness Worse For Health Than Obesity, Alcoholism, Even Smoking 15 Cigarettes Daily?

March 21, 2024

💡What To Know: 53% of older adults have reported to a doctor that they feel lonely. INDIANAPOLIS — Loneliness may be the worst thing for the health of older adults. Surgeon General’s call to action to address the loneliness epidemic, highlight that 53 percent of older adults visiting primary care facilities report feeling lonely. “Primary care clinicians should discuss loneliness with their older adult patients and provide resources to help them create meaningful social relationships.”Researchers find that loneliness is worse for an older person’s health than alcoholism, obesity, and smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. The study’s data was gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic, which amplified the already increasing trend of loneliness among older adults.

The source of this news is from https://studyfinds.org/older-people-lonely/