Moment Antifa mob breaks into construction site for new 'Cop City' site in Atlanta

March 06, 2023

Once they were together, they started throwing Molotov cocktails at a construction vehicle and ran away as it was left on fire. In the aftermath, controversial Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green announced she is sponsoring a bill to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. Stop Cop City activists also say that the City of Atlanta has 'leased' the land – something the Mayor's office has denied, saying that the City in unincorporated DeKalb County owns it. Devastating fires also hit the property in 2009 and 2017 – illegal trash had been dumped and caused a huge blaze, which meant the site was sealed off until the plans for the training site were approved. It will have extensive facilities and a mock city and fire station so emergency services can better train their staff.