‘Not a Concept I Support’: DeSantis Calls Out Media Using His Picture for ‘More Clicks’ on Blogger Registration Bill He Doesn’t Advocate

March 09, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) accused the media of erroneously connecting him to a controversial bill proposed by a Republican state senator that would require political bloggers in Florida to register with the state if they’re covering state officials such as the governor. DeSantis made it clear at a Tuesday press conference that he does not support the registration requirement. Many in the media used reports about the bill to attack DeSantis, including NBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss who described the Republican as a “little Mussolini” over the bill and other legislative efforts targeting material deemed explicit in public schools. The governor accused media outlets and pundits of using his face to get more clocks on reports on the blogger registration bill, something the governor never supported. “It’s not a concept I support, but yet they do it because they get more clicks they can rope me into it,” DeSantis said.