Passenger handcuffed over a pre-flight drink tantrum: ‘Like a 5-year-old’

April 09, 2023

The anonymous passenger supposedly requested a pre-flight cocktail but was denied, apparently prompting a meltdown – the man sobbed as he was handcuffed on the jet bridge. The Post has reached out to American Airlines for comment. @banditeh/TiktokThe officers were forced to yank the man out of his seat and carry him off of the flight. @banditeh/TiktokThe man screamed at them to “stop” as he was being pulled out of the plane. @banditeh/TiktokThe Reddit post, shared in the forum “r/PublicFreakout,” garnered over 33,000 votes and more than 4,000 comments, many of which bashed the unruly traveler for the calamity.