Ron Jeremy was going senile in final trip with Dennis Hof convicted madam Heidi Fleiss thinks as she stands by ‘rapist’

January 30, 2023

PORN star Ron Jeremy was already showing signs of dementia years before he was declared incompetent to stand trial on sex abuse charges, his pal Heidi Fleiss has revealed. Last week The U.S. Sun reported that Ron Jeremy, 69, believes he is shooting sex scenes with naughty nurses at the psychiatric hospital where he’s being held. When he is lucid, he has been known to call out for his late pimp friend Dennis Hof and Hollywood Madam Fleiss, the source said. Fleiss, 57, said: “Dennis Hof and Johnny Buss, the owner of the Lakers, would celebrate their birthday together on the same day with a blowout at the Bunny Ranch. “We were hanging out, this was in the morning, and Dennis said to me, ‘Heidi, have you seen Ron?