Shocking images show the TWO-MILE long encampment of people living in RVs, trucks and trailers

May 07, 2023

Each city, and Marin County, received $500,000 to address their encampment issues – with the county bringing in $1million in resources to help each of the regions. Low-income residents in Marin County say that they have been left with nowhere to go as a cost-of-living crisis grips the region. Gary Naja-Riese, director of homelessness for Marin County said that their 'first and immediate priority is Binford'. On average, the county house an average of a dozen people a month across Marin County, primarily through landlord partnership programs at Marin Housing Authority. Around 78 percent of people who are homeless in the area had residences in Marin County before becoming unhoused.