‘South Park’ Lawsuit: Warner Bros. Discovery Sues Paramount Global Over Licensing Dispute

February 25, 2023

HBO Max set a whopping licensing pact with Paramount for rights to “South Park” episodes in October 2019 as then-parent company AT&T was preparing to launch the HBO Max streaming platform in May 2020. “South Park” has been a staple of Paramount Global’s Comedy Central cable channel for more than 25 years. Meanwhile, in 2021, MTV — a Paramount subsidiary — announced a $900 million deal with Parker and Stone for exclusive “South Park” content that would run on Paramount+. Four of those “movies” have already run on Paramount+: “South Park: Post Covid,” “South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid,” “South Park The Streaming Wars Part 1,” and “South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2.”In response, Paramount denied the allegations. “We also note that Paramount continues to adhere to the parties’ contract by delivering new South Park episodes to HBO Max, despite the fact that Warner Bros.