Steven Spielberg Tells Denis Villeneuve That ‘Dune 2’ Is ‘One of the Most Brilliant Science-Fiction Films I’ve Ever Seen’

March 27, 2024

Steven Spielberg had nothing but praise for “Dune: Part Two” while interviewing Denis Villeneuve on the latest episode of the DGA’s “Director’s Cut” podcast. The Oscar winner told Villeneuve that “you have made one of the most brilliant science-fiction films I’ve ever seen,” which is high praise coming from the mastermind behind “E.T: Extra Terrestrial” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” And that wasn’t the only praise Spielberg bestowed upon the “Dune” director. Spielberg called out the scene in “Dune: Part Two” where Paul rides a sandworm for the first time as a notable triumph . “This is a desert-loving story, but for such a desert-loving film there is such a yearning for water in this movie,” Spielberg said. But you made the desert look like a liquid.”Variety previously reported that it took Villeneuve 44 days to shoot the sandworm riding scene.