The north braces for 'once in a generation' wind chill as cold front from Canada blows in

February 04, 2023

Northern states are bracing for an arctic blast as a cold front from Canada blows through the Upper Midwest and an ice storm heads north after devastating the South. 'The wind chills have the potential to be [a] once in a generation cold late Friday into early Saturday,' the NWS warned. The arctic blast that devastated Texas is moving north that, coupled with a cold front from Canada, could cause record low temperatures in the Northeast and New England. Pictured: Icicles hang from the Angelina Eberly statue in downtown Austin, TexasThe freezing weather and snow fall created disaster in the south, claiming at least 10 lives. The NWS warned that the freezing temperatures could be exacerbated in the North due to the Great Lakes' 'lake effect,' which amplifies snowfall.