The pianist who's been playing for more than 100 years

April 02, 2023

© Stéphane DE SAKUTIN Maze credits dancing with keeping her in good healthColette Maze has been playing piano for more than a century, and is still drawing thousands of fans on social media. - 'Piano is my life' -Maze was a piano teacher for much of her life, and it was only after turning 100 that she started building a significant fanbase -- through her Facebook page. She still remembers the sound of "Big Bertha", the huge cannon used by the German army during World War I, but most of her memories revolve around her instrument. "When I was little, I suffered from asthma and my mother would play violin with my piano teacher -- it would calm me," she says. Maze began playing at five, and despite reluctance from her parents, she won a place at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with teachers including the renowned Alfred Cortot.