UN chief 'deeply troubled' by reports Israel using AI to identify Gaza targets

April 06, 2024

Large swathes of Gaza have been ravaged by the latest war (MOHAMMED ABED)UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday expressed serious concern over reports that Israel was using artificial intelligence to identify targets in Gaza, resulting in many civilian deaths. According to a report in independent Israeli-Palestinian magazine +972, Israel has used AI to identify targets in Gaza -- in some cases with as little as 20 seconds of human oversight. - 'Mass assassination factory' -Israel began hyping AI-powered targeting after an 11-day conflict in Gaza during May 2021, which commanders branded the world's "first AI war". Weeks into the latest Gaza war, a blog entry on the Israeli military's website said its AI-enhanced "targeting directorate" had identified more than 12,000 targets in just 27 days. But an anonymous former Israeli intelligence officer, quoted in November by +972, described Gospel's work as creating a "mass assassination factory".