With Record Military Incursions, China Warns Taiwan and the U.S.

December 26, 2022

China sent a record number of military aircraft to menace self-ruled Taiwan in a large show of force to the Biden administration, signaling that Beijing wants to maintain pressure on Taiwan even as some tensions between the superpowers are easing. The military activity — which, according to Taiwan, included at least 71 Chinese aircraft — came days after President Biden’s latest move to expand American support for the island. Beijing has denounced the United States’ effort as an attempt to contain China and interfere in its domestic affairs. “This pattern will likely continue.”“The United States has walked from strategic ambiguity to constructive clarity,” said Mr. Su, referring to the latest military legislation. China’s military flights around Taiwan have increased following Ms. Pelosi’s visit, a trip that reinforced suspicion in Beijing that the United States has loosened its commitment to a “one China” policy.